Cahoon Enterprises Now Offers Safety Training Classes!

“American Employers report that roughly $62 billion each year is spent on workplace injuries. Almost a 1/3 of those costs are attributed to falls, slips and trips.” -EHS Today

Safety Training is one of the key elements in the Bakken that helps make employees safer on the job. It can also save your company money and time! 

Cahoon Enterprises is now offering the following safety training courses by our certified instructors:

PEC Safety

This is a mandatory course which will provide your employees with general industry safety information and awareness training.  The course instruction is recognized and required by the Operators working in the Bakken.  8.0 hours

H2S Clear 

This course goes beyond the 1-hour H2S Awareness training and will provide your employees important and crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S.  Information presented will go into greater depth and explanation on the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in an H2S environment. Ensure that your employees are trained on the standardized H2S topics that are required by operators and regulatory agencies in the Bakken.  4.0 hours

Fit Testing

OSHA requires employers to fit test their workers who must wear respirators on the job. To ensure a proper fit, contact Cahoon Enterprises to schedule fit testing for your employees.

First Aid, CPR and AED  - Adult

This important comprehensive course is a hands-on, interactive class. Illustrating a variety of potential serious or life-threatening situations and the specific techniques and vital knowledge of how to respond in medical emergencies. This course meets OSHA requirements for 29 CFR 1910.151(b) and 29 CFR 1926.50(c). 5.0 hours

DDC4- Defensive Driving Course

The DDC4 course provides practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs. Upon completion, participants will have a thorough understanding of the importance of how behavior and attitude directly affects them on the road.

Once certified, individuals and/or your company may qualify for a personal insurance discounts, fleet insurance discounts and insurance point reductions. DDC4 also meets the requirements for Workforce Safety Insurance Safe Driver program. 4.0 hours

Gold Shovel Certification

The Gold Shovel Training course is the first standardized PEC safety training course covering safety practices, regulations and training for excavation, hand digging, and tolerance zones for the excavation industry.

Confined Space

The course will cover the basics and general overview of the proper procedures for (before, during and after) confined space entry; the regulations and rules for working within and entering a confined space. This course is for persons that will be the authorized entrants, attendants and Supervisors in a confined space situation. Includes Government regulations for Permit-required and Non-Permit Confined Space Standards OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146.

MSTQ Training (Midstream Training Qualification)

This training/certification is a required compliance course for all contractor workers and sub-contractor workers (in addition to PEC Safety) to be able to perform work on MSTQ member sites. (ie Kinder Morgan)

Cahoon Enterprises will also be offering monthly on-site Safety Meetings for companies that want to continue to train and encourage safety practices with their employees.

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Check back to see new Course offerings in the coming months!