Cahoon Enterprises offers trucks and hauling services of all types to fit your project needs

Our professional drivers are trained, certified and have years of experience in the use of our trucks which includes: Water trailers, Step Decks, Side Dumps, End Dumps, Pipe Trailers, Tilt Bed Trailers, Hot Shot/Gooseneck equipment and Frac Sand Trucks.  Additionally, we are licensed for hazardous material transport as well as TENORM transport. We also do custom hauling for landscaping, construction and debris removal.

We take pride in being on time, being prepared and treating our clients with respect and professionalism.  Our focus and commitment to our customers is to complete each job (no matter how large or small) to the client’s satisfaction from start to finish.

If it’s not right  - we will make it so!

Trucks/Services we offer:

  • Belly Dumps

  • Frac Sand Hauling

  • Side Dumps

  • End Dumps

  • Step Decks 48’

  • Tilt Bed Trailers

  • Dump Trailers W/ Bumper Pull

  • Flat Beds 18’

  • Hot Shot/Goose neck

  • Hydrovac Services

  • Pipe Trailers

  • Water, Scoria, Gravel, Dirt, Chemical, and Hazardous waste transportation services

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”
— Thomas Watson Sr., chairman and CEO of International Business Machines